Spirit Airlines…Is it really that Cheap or its all a myth?? Share you experiences!

Spirit’s LOGO – “less money more go”, but is it really worth it.


I want to share my travel experience with Spirit airlines. When I tried to search low fare airlines in US , the first airlines which I guess most of us encounter and rather book without knowing “hidden charges” is Spirit Airlines. Not only me but many of my friends whom I had asked about their first travels say the same that they had booked Spirit Airlines for their first travels. If I jot down , below are the total charges I had to bear travelling through Spirit Airlines last week to Los Angeles along with flight experience..

  • I bought tickets from Expedia.com, which costed me around $205 for round trip for 2 , but this is a bare minimum fare for Spirits i.e. just you and your laptop bag/handbag(with some dimension restrictions) nothing else.
  • I had to pay $80+taxes round trip for checked bag because $45 is for carry bag with some dimensions restrictions and $40 is checked bag. $80 just for 1 bag seems much and unnecessary.
  •  Apart from cost which is not at all cheap btw, Most discomfort that the seats are not recline …grr (Also they don’t give free water which all the flights I have traveled so far gives :p)
  • If you forget to do check-in at before and try to get it at counter , you need to pay $10 per person extra. Or if you want to save it, do self check in at KIOSK which is generally very crowded 😦

Now looking at all these points if you have more luggage or you need to travel with comfort Spirit is definitely not the airline you should choose.

But lets not be biased and try to think why in first place somebody choose this airline and how it can be beneficial :

  • It is good if you have to travel for short distance and you don’t carry more than a laptop bag in each travel
  • They run promotions on their websites and some times you can get bare minimum ticket in just $28 each sides which is quite cheap
  • They run promotion in their flight, every time a person generally in middle seats like from 15-17(my observation…may be those are the highest paid tickets) gets some miles for which you get round trip ticket free

All in all BIG NO for family trips with this airline. But as famous saying goes ” YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. Choose carefully, set your priorities before flying…And share your experience if any such kind with me …. Enjoy the article.

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