Mumbai – Places to visit while travelling to dream city of India…

Mumbai also known as “Bombay” – The city of dreamers. Mumbai is a hub of beggars ,millionaires, strugglers, top Bollywood stars, Bombay Stock Exchange, fashion industry , Biggest slum, Outdoor bargain markets and so many other things.



Mumbai also known as “Bombay” – The city of dreamers. Mumbai is a hub of beggars ,millionaires,  strugglers, top Bollywood stars, Bombay Stock Exchange, fashion industry , Biggest slum, Outdoor bargain markets and so many other things. I believe I can safely say Mumbai is LA of India. So what as a tourist one can expect in such an ambitious city, Let’s explore the places which you can visit while travelling to Mumbai….

Bandra- Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli sea link is an amazing stretch between western suburbs and Mumbai’s central business district. The view around this pure delight to the sight. Driving on Badra-worli link is good experience although it passes very quickly but it is worth giving a shot as this is first cable stayed bridge in India and architecture is really to be admired.

Shree Siddhivinayak

This place is must to visit for Ganesha devotees as this is one of very famous Ganpathi Temple in India.This place is always full with thousand of devotees. Indeed when you visit this place you get the positive vibrations. The Idol of Lord Ganesh in the Garbagudi is eye catching and it is believed that this has the power to fulfill wishes of all the people visiting. As this heavily crowded place, try to visit the temple early morning or early evenings. We were lucky to not find much queue when we visited around 4:30 PM in evening.

Marine Drive

This is the famous sit out place in Mumbai and this is called “Queens Necklace” due to its shape. If you want to enjoy sea view and peaceful time in such a fast city , just go there and sit for at least half an hour and you will feel close to nature. The water looks so much better there. You should visit this place specially at night. If you walk towards Nariman point area , you can see Malabar hills on other side.

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is monument building built during 20th century. If you want to see and appreciate the colonial history of Mumbai then must visit this place. This place is full of tourists and localities all the time. This is just seconds away from Taj Mahal Palace Hotel which is famous not only because of its elegance and beauty but reminds every Indian of the deadly terror attack happened on 26/11. You may get irritated by photographers there as they constant press you for taking pictures there.

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty beach is very famous amongst Indians mainly because this is beach most talked about in Bollywood movies and famous for eating chaats there. I was little disappointed going to Chowpatty beach as the water was very dirty so I wont suggest to visit this beach for swimming purpose. But again if you are chaat lover and want to have picnic with your family then this is the place.

Fashion Street

If you want to go away from the malls and online shopping and to revive the old street shopping pleasure than you must visit Fashion street. You can find same product on different prices in this street , so you must have good bargaining skills to find the right product at right price here.

This is just a small list of places to visit in Mumbai, please add if I have missed any must visit place in the comments….

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