Bangalore..Garden City Or Silicon Valley of India..What to expect while travelling?

Bangalore..Garden City Or Silicon Valley of India..What to expect while travelling?



Once upon a time Bengaluru aka Bangalore, capital of Karnataka was a called a Garden city because it had so many trees around and weather was always pleasant but Is it same today?? Although temperature trends are changed in Bangalore due to development and trees being cut, still it is more greener than so many other states in India

Bangalore is developed a lot in last 10-20 years in terms of employment, IT and business. Media has given the name “Silicon Valley” to Bangalore in around 2000 looking after the growth prospects of the city. It is now a biggest IT hub in India. It is a cosmopolitan full of people from different states/cultures in India along with big shopping malls and world’s best cuisines.

So what should a person expect when travelling to Bangalore:

Travelling inside the city is really a pain at times as Bangalore’s traffic earns quite lot negative impression. So plan your travel..try to travel between 11:00 AM to 4:00PM , which are  comparatively less traffic timings. Avoid certain routes if yu can like Silk Board, Tin Factory etc.

Places to Visit:

Wonderla Amusing Park : Wonderla is a place which is fun and thrill. There are numerous rides and all are good. They have a very good water park and worth spending time there. Wonder Splash is very good ride which you must try.

ISKON Temple: If you want to admire the building and Krishna’s gold idols then this place is good and really a worth visiting place. I am not sure I find this place more commercial than a place where I will go to find peace. You cant even go close to the Ironic but true that Radhe Krishna idol for praying if you dont pay. There are different perspective’s though. One thing I surely like about ISKON is there Akshay Patra program.

UB City: If you want to spend money on High end brands than this is the place for you. This is good for window shopping also :p Apart from that they have nice terrace and view is good. Worth visiting even if you don’t want to spend big bucks.

LalBagh: If coming to Garden city, you must visit LalBagh . This garden is always green and clean. They organize flower shows during Independence day and Republic day which is must visit.

Cubbon Park: This park have lots of trees and lot of Bamboos, huge park. People generally go there for post and pre wedding shoots because of the very good natural views. You can cycle around the garden and feel the fresh air.

comm Street

Commercial Street: It’s worth to visit here, there are many thing to see, to buy, to try, to experience.You can find everything here from high end luxury items to cheap fashion jewelry. You can easily spend a day in Comm Street. If you want to do shopping for occasions or Indian weddings than this is the place..

I have lived in Bangalore for around 7 years and I totally loved this place…. Share your thoughts on this place….

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