Weekend destinations from Seattle -4 (Olympic National Post)

Olympic National Park is on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in Pacific NorthWest. This is a place where you can plan a day trip, a weekend trip or several days trip. You will not get bored. You can go to this wilderness park to stroll the rain forest with its massive trees, lush vegetation and Roosevelt elk or hike the mountains amid marmots or head to ocean to see tidepools, this place is one destination for all your needs.

To start this journey its better to visit the visitor center first where you can get below copy of map. Also you can buy yearly passes for all the National parks in US.

new doc 2017-08-07 12.07.09_1

Start early so that you can cover maximum places in a day if that’s your motive. Also if you start late there could be trouble in finding parking place. After taking this map and below one we covered mostly destinations in increasing order or miles:

new doc 2017-08-07 12.11.58_1

Elwha River :

We went to Elwha river to visit Madison creek falls which is famous destinations if you search for best places to visit in Port Angeles. This is a very small and beautiful waterfall hidden in the woods. We kind of expected it to be little more but nevertheless this was not that bad. Check out below picture

Madison Creek Falls
Elwha River

Hurricane Ridge:

After visiting Madison Creek Falls we went to Hurricane Ridge which is the No 1 destination for tourists visiting Olympic National Park. This is very beautiful place and you will feel like you are walking on the clouds after reaching there. This place has spectacular views, the ones like which is seen in Bollywood movies where anybody can fell in love. Check out the pic below:

Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge

Lake Crescent:

Our Next stop was Lake Crescent. By time we reached , Lake Crescent it was lunch time ,so we had lunch at Lake Crescent resort which was OK experience partially because wait time is lot as we had to wait to almost 2 hours before having lunch. It was overcrowded because of only restaurant there and prices were little on higher side. But we enjoyed the food. If we talk about Lake Crescent , it was beautiful experience. Water was very clear and one can sit there and enjoy the nature . Very famous Marymere falls which is start of the rain forest is is very close by i.e. around 1.5 miles. Checkout the pics:

Lake Crescent
Marymere Falls

There are other places to visit in Olympic National park which one could visit of going over weekend like Hoh Rain Forest or Dungeon Spit in Sequin. But we had visited only these places in one day. It was a worth every penny trip.


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