Weekend destinations from Seattle -4 (Olympic National Post)

Olympic National Park is on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in Pacific NorthWest. This is a place where you can plan a day trip, a weekend trip or several days trip. You will not get bored. You can go to this wilderness park to stroll the rain forest with its massive trees, lush vegetation and Roosevelt elk or hike the mountains amid marmots or head to ocean to see tidepools, this place is one destination for all your needs.

To start this journey its better to visit the visitor center first where you can get below copy of map. Also you can buy yearly passes for all the National parks in US.

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Start early so that you can cover maximum places in a day if that’s your motive. Also if you start late there could be trouble in finding parking place. After taking this map and below one we covered mostly destinations in increasing order or miles:

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Elwha River :

We went to Elwha river to visit Madison creek falls which is famous destinations if you search for best places to visit in Port Angeles. This is a very small and beautiful waterfall hidden in the woods. We kind of expected it to be little more but nevertheless this was not that bad. Check out below picture

Madison Creek Falls
Elwha River

Hurricane Ridge:

After visiting Madison Creek Falls we went to Hurricane Ridge which is the No 1 destination for tourists visiting Olympic National Park. This is very beautiful place and you will feel like you are walking on the clouds after reaching there. This place has spectacular views, the ones like which is seen in Bollywood movies where anybody can fell in love. Check out the pic below:

Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge

Lake Crescent:

Our Next stop was Lake Crescent. By time we reached , Lake Crescent it was lunch time ,so we had lunch at Lake Crescent resort which was OK experience partially because wait time is lot as we had to wait to almost 2 hours before having lunch. It was overcrowded because of only restaurant there and prices were little on higher side. But we enjoyed the food. If we talk about Lake Crescent , it was beautiful experience. Water was very clear and one can sit there and enjoy the nature . Very famous Marymere falls which is start of the rain forest is is very close by i.e. around 1.5 miles. Checkout the pics:

Lake Crescent
Marymere Falls

There are other places to visit in Olympic National park which one could visit of going over weekend like Hoh Rain Forest or Dungeon Spit in Sequin. But we had visited only these places in one day. It was a worth every penny trip.


Weekend destinations from Seattle -3


Washington State Park- Anarcotas

This is a great park to visit and for family picnics. There is a picnic area near beach where one can bring snacks/lunch and have picnic with the family and also the loop which is 2 mile stretch to walk and enjoy the nature around. You can cover the loop in your vehicle or by walk to cherish the nature.

Beach area in the park:


Park does not have any entry fee or parking fee. It is some 1.5 hours travel by road from Seattle. Below is the directions:

It has a large boat launch and very nice campground there are many trails in the deep forest and along a few miles of waterfront.You can look for sign boards to find campsite and loop road.


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Weekend destinations from Seattle -1

Washington is surrounded by ocean views, mountains, hiking and natural scenery. To make your weekend stress free and have great driving experience , below are some places which can be visited from a Seattle over a weekend or even a day trip:

BainBridge Island — > 35 minutes by Ferry from Seattle


Bainbridge island is full of nature where one can visit museums full of art, walk around Bloadel reserve and wine tasting. This place gives you the feel of rural life. If we take ferry from Seattle , it just costs you $8.50 per person both side and around $19 for carrying your vehicle in the vessel, which seems pretty reasonable for the awesome day out. While visiting Bainbridge island , check out below places:

Bloadel reserve: To visit bloadel reserve from the ferry terminal , there is a bus which goes every 1 hour and drops visitors to bloadel reserve or we can take private taxi which costs around $20 each side.  Take coupon code from the information kiosk for this place which gives you $2 discount on $17 entry fee for per person for two people. Above picture is the best scenic location in this reserve. This place is highlight of the BainBridge island. There are very less sign boards at the place so people generally tend to loss a way but they give you map for the place at ticket counter.

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art : This place is very near to ferry terminal and at a walk able distance. Entry to this place is free but this is must visit place if you are an art admirer. Below is the sample of bird feather art from the museum :


II Snowqualmie Falls>>>>>

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5 must visit places in Seattle on short trip…

Seattle the Emerald City is full of sightseeing, iconic sites, history, restaurants and many more things. This place is called Emerald City because its full of greenery with so many trees throughout and spectacular views. Seattle is the largest city in Washington and home of many big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. If you are planning to visit Seattle below is the list of places which might interest you..

Seattle Great Wheel and aquarium


Seattle great wheel is the must place to visit while travelling to Seattle. You can see the entire city from this giant wheel and admire the beauty of it in your own pod without much bothered about rain(as it is mostly raining). It is generally crowded on weekends so if you don’t mind spending 10-15 minutes in line, go little early. This place is generally little cold and windy as its near sea. Seattle aquarium is just next to the giant wheel. This is relatively small aquarium but could be exciting if visiting for the first time. They have big octopus, seal and other different type of fishes.

Pike place market


Pike place market is very famous tourist destination in Seattle and a must visit. This is walk able distance from the giant wheel. This place has lot of stuff from eateries to whine shops to flower shops and local artists. You can grab a snack and sit near bay to enjoy the sea side view. You will find world’s first Star bucks in Pike place market and it is always crowded with coffee lovers. You will get fresh fishes and other sea food here. You can reserve close to half an hour to visit this complete place.

Space Needle and Chihuly Garden


Space needle was built in 1962 (close to 600 ft tall) for World fairs but this still looks so impressive. It is one of best sites of US and it should be in one’s must visit bucket list. Go on the top of the space needle and see the sites, its amazingly breath taking.  You can buy the tickets of Chihuly Glass garden and space needle together which is little cheaper than individual tickets.  Chihuly garden is an amazing display of glass from both interior and exterior view. If you are art admirer , must visit this place.

Snowqualmie Falls


Beautiful scenery and spectacular water falls.It is perfect Pacific Northwest pristine beauty.This place speaks for itself. This was a great day trip from the Seattle area. The falls were spectacular and just above the falls lies a spa and resort type hotel with a nice restaurant. A short hike from the top will take you down to the base of the falls for some nice views along a boardwalk.

More about Snowqualmie falls

University District/Washington University


Washington University campus is very beautiful and well maintained campus to visit. This is a cherry blossom season so you can enjoy the sheer beauty of cherry trees towards the end of the university. You will enjoy the site of old and new architecture. Even if you are not a student, campus is must walk activity. Also near to this is university district where you will find so many eateries with all type of cuisines. Parking is very limited and can be a pain in ass at times.

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Spirit Airlines…Is it really that Cheap or its all a myth?? Share you experiences!

Spirit’s LOGO – “less money more go”, but is it really worth it.

I want to share my travel experience with Spirit airlines. When I tried to search low fare airlines in US , the first airlines which I guess most of us encounter and rather book without knowing “hidden charges” is Spirit Airlines. Not only me but many of my friends whom I had asked about their first travels say the same that they had booked Spirit Airlines for their first travels. If I jot down , below are the total charges I had to bear travelling through Spirit Airlines last week to Los Angeles along with flight experience..

  • I bought tickets from Expedia.com, which costed me around $205 for round trip for 2 , but this is a bare minimum fare for Spirits i.e. just you and your laptop bag/handbag(with some dimension restrictions) nothing else.
  • I had to pay $80+taxes round trip for checked bag because $45 is for carry bag with some dimensions restrictions and $40 is checked bag. $80 just for 1 bag seems much and unnecessary.
  •  Apart from cost which is not at all cheap btw, Most discomfort that the seats are not recline …grr (Also they don’t give free water which all the flights I have traveled so far gives :p)
  • If you forget to do check-in at before and try to get it at counter , you need to pay $10 per person extra. Or if you want to save it, do self check in at KIOSK which is generally very crowded 😦

Now looking at all these points if you have more luggage or you need to travel with comfort Spirit is definitely not the airline you should choose.

But lets not be biased and try to think why in first place somebody choose this airline and how it can be beneficial :

  • It is good if you have to travel for short distance and you don’t carry more than a laptop bag in each travel
  • They run promotions on their websites and some times you can get bare minimum ticket in just $28 each sides which is quite cheap
  • They run promotion in their flight, every time a person generally in middle seats like from 15-17(my observation…may be those are the highest paid tickets) gets some miles for which you get round trip ticket free

All in all BIG NO for family trips with this airline. But as famous saying goes ” YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. Choose carefully, set your priorities before flying…And share your experience if any such kind with me …. Enjoy the article.

Planning a day trip to snowqualmie Falls, WA— Read this–2

This is the post excerpt.

IMG-20170320-WA0064History of Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 ft (82 m) waterfall on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington, United States. It is one of Washington’s most popular scenic attractions, but is perhaps best known internationally for its appearance in the cult television series Twin Peaks. More than 1.5 million visitors come to the Falls every year, where there is a two-acre (0.8 ha) park, an observation deck, and a gift shop.

Beautiful scenery and spectacular water falls.It is perfect Pacific Northwest pristine beauty.This place speaks for itself. This was a great day trip from the Seattle area. The falls were spectacular and just above the falls lies a spa and resort type hotel with a nice restaurant. A short hike from the top will take you down to the base of the falls for some nice views along a boardwalk.

It is less than an hour drive from Seattle.There is big parking space available for free. The viewpoints near the top of the falls are often packed but if you reach there early morning you may be lucky to have fewer people there. It was mist all around the place so you need to be careful with your cameras if it is not water proof.
There is lower part of falls also where one side you have access to river i.e. you can sit on stones near the river , get the pictures clicked 🙂 The other side is boardwalk for the view and no river access. You should cover both the sides as each of it has its own beauty.

Wear hiking shoes and comfortable clothes for the visit and make the half mike hike to the river . It was steep but well worth the time, views from the river are wonderful. Plenty of room at the rivers edge to get a great view of the falls. There is a restroom and drinking water facility in lower half of the falls.

This is a lovely picnic spot for families as you can bring your own food and have family lunch near the falls.There is small coffee/gift shop near the falls also where you can have a sip of coffee and enjoy nature

Directions to snowqualmie falls:

Weekend destinations from Seattle -3