Weekend destinations from Seattle -1

Washington is surrounded by ocean views, mountains, hiking and natural scenery. To make your weekend stress free and have great driving experience , below are some places which can be visited from a Seattle over a weekend or even a day trip:

BainBridge Island — > 35 minutes by Ferry from Seattle


Bainbridge island is full of nature where one can visit museums full of art, walk around Bloadel reserve and wine tasting. This place gives you the feel of rural life. If we take ferry from Seattle , it just costs you $8.50 per person both side and around $19 for carrying your vehicle in the vessel, which seems pretty reasonable for the awesome day out. While visiting Bainbridge island , check out below places:

Bloadel reserve: To visit bloadel reserve from the ferry terminal , there is a bus which goes every 1 hour and drops visitors to bloadel reserve or we can take private taxi which costs around $20 each side.  Take coupon code from the information kiosk for this place which gives you $2 discount on $17 entry fee for per person for two people. Above picture is the best scenic location in this reserve. This place is highlight of the BainBridge island. There are very less sign boards at the place so people generally tend to loss a way but they give you map for the place at ticket counter.

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art : This place is very near to ferry terminal and at a walk able distance. Entry to this place is free but this is must visit place if you are an art admirer. Below is the sample of bird feather art from the museum :


II Snowqualmie Falls>>>>>

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