Moving to USA from India…U should read this…..

The reason for craze in most of the Indians to move to US is because no doubt USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world and dollar remains the strongest and most influential currency from decades. It is believed that working in US will advance our career as US is almost more than 10 years ahead of India. So what points should be taken care before moving to US.

Set your priorities right before moving to US

It totally depends on your goals that why do you want to move to another country leaving his/her own country. If your priorities are earning good salary or visiting lot of new exciting places then this is place for you. But the lifestyle here is lot different than back in India. So if you are a kind of person who always want to be surrounded by family and friends then don’t come here alone it can be really lonely place for you.

Here are few differences you may find after moving to US

Cultural differences: I found Americans are very friendly people whereas you may find it difficult to get mingled with Indians staying in US :p. There are few cultural differences in US than in India as People here really mind their own business and don’t interfere or show interest in others life which is sad but true about Indians. Mostly all successful people here have worked as drivers/baristas/word as delivery boys or something similar at one point of time in there life so your work does not attach a status taboo to you in US. Indians are mostly family oriented people but Americans are generally individual oriented society.

Job Opportunities: If you are not moving through your employer to US and coming on dependent visa say L2 EAD , then it might be tough for you to get the job in US. First preference for jobs given are to the citizens or green card holder which is obvious, second is given to H1 B holder and last preference is given to L2 EAD. Also it largely depends on which place are you in US. E.g. I had experience in a technology which is totally obsolete in a place where I live. So either you should be ready to study and upgrade your knowledge or stay at different locations where you find a job.

Food: You will find all type of food in US from Chinese to Thai to Indian as this is land of mixed cultures. In meat , generally people prefer having beef or pork here. If you are vegetarian you might have hard time finding good food as there is nothing called vegetarian here. Either your are vegan which is nothing related to animals or meat eater. But yes the good part of outside food here is you can customize it as per your need, so I being vegetarian generally orders with comments like “Without meat”.

Cost Of Living: If you don’t convert dollars to Rupees before spending on anything which is general tendency for new comers then inflation is pretty much in check here as compared to India. Rest it also depends on which state/area you are living in US as we are living in Seattle downtown and paying rent for 1BHK (in 2017) $1600 whereas my friend staying in Ohio is paying $2000 for 2BHK.

Above article is my thoughts only …share your experiences/thoughts….