Travel Tips and tricks which can be useful…Have a look!

Going for a leisure trip or for work out of country, below tips may help you plan your trip well in advance.

  1. Check for the appropriate travel Insurance: Countries like US where medical expenses are too much , you need to be sure to plan your travel insurance appropriately before travelling short term or if going for longer period than a week or visiting family members there. But having said that it is an additional expense and can be considered burden at first thought but it is must. Though one can look for cheap options online for same. Travel Insurance protects your plans, property and health, so you have the peace of mind to focus on making memories.
  2.  Do laundry before travelling: Always carry clean laundry with you because it is not easy to find laundromat in foreign countries sometimes. Keep extra pair of undies just in case of emergency. Or you can use hotel soap for cleaning your clothes.
  3. Always carry first aid kit: You should carry some medications with you for emergency like pain killer or ibuprofen, decongestant, NyQuil, bandages, hydrocortizone cream. You never know when these things come in handy.
  4. Taking clean water with you: If you are going on road trip, you can keep bundle of clean water in your car as at some places you may find it tough to get water. Or even if going by plain you can carry small water bottle with you and save some pennies.
  5. Try to carry the bags with the wheels : Keep yourself light while travelling. Try to bring the bags which have wheels so that you can slide them. Try to keep your hands free as much as possible.
  6. Tip housekeeping staff at hotel: It is always good practice to tip housekeeping staff. This increases their morale and sometimes they can help you with extra tips and facilities as a good faith. Good rule is giving them tip daily after housekeeping job done like say $2 a day, you can keep it in the room with note.
  7. Take care of your money: Carrying little extra cash while travelling is good idea but don’t keep all the cash at one place. If you loose your wallet keep some money in different bags so that in case of theft extra you are not completely broke.
  8. Make a list of stuff you want to pack: It is a good practice to write down all the things you want to pack with you for trip. While packing do tally the stuff with the list to avoid last minute rush or mistakes.
  9. Make sure your credit card works outside your country: You can call your credit card company before travelling and make your credit card works where you are going. Additionally put travel alert on your credit card to avoid any mishaps. Also take down the international customer care number of your bank.
  10. Make photocopies of your passport: Either keep scan copy of your passport with you in email and keep copies in your bags. It can be also very useful to give one copy to friends and family at your place before going. This should be done to avoid any major problems in case you lose your passport in travel.

These are must points to take care  on my travel list which  I have learnt over the years. If you guys may have more..share with all of us in the comment box.